Stories are like the “the force.” They are an energy field. They surround us. They penetrate us. They bind us together. And maybe, if everything comes together just so, we get to experience storytelling magic.

So what is storytelling environment? Wikipedia’s description reads like this, “a story environment is a physical, adaptive, augmented 3D reality or virtual space that can become host to narratives.” what does it look like? I’d argue that it can take a lot of different forms and use a lot of different storytelling techniques. That is what so cool about this art form.

When I help people create a storytelling environment in their home, I use the techniques of Feng Shui and Kondoing to help their homes tell a story. When I host storytelling parties, the environment is about creating a space to have fun and bring communities together through personal narratives. When I create a storytelling environment in a business setting, I use techniques like metaphor and visual storytelling in written and design elements.

This website is devoted to the force of storytelling in our lives.


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